artisans on the ramp

Our FALL / WINTER 2016 showcase - unlike many fashion shows that are so far removed from where and how the clothes are produced, sought to highlight the importance of the craft and the craftsmen through actually having them present and visible in the show.

the process

The idea was to place as much emphasis on process on par with the final product.


Giving additional layers of appreciation to the lifecycle of the garment that under her purview could also be museum artifacts.

"anti-thesis" of fashion

"I wanted people to interact with the artisans who make our clothes. I wanted to take the focus away from just the final product and put the spotlight on the process," - Rimzim Dadu

Creation on the ramp

The artisans set up their entire studio (each stage of creation) on the traditional fashion show ramp.

appreciation of the craft

This show paved the way for the Indian fashion industry to acknowledge their artisans and masters more publicly.